Want To Convert Viewers
Into Customers?

  Create Better Engagement With Your Audience.

  Boost Conversion Rates.

  Lower Customer Acquisition Costs.

  Increase ROI.

Simply tracking video views or site traffic won’t increase sales, what
converts are 
better video engagements and unique, on-page user experiences.
Introducing Viderian, all-in-one, patent pending video optimization tool.



Why Use Viderian

We’ve built Viderian, because as marketers, we needed a robust testing and optimization tool to quickly transform visitors into customers by serving unique and optimized video experiences free of logistical challenges.

Now you too can select best converting videos, split-test, track and optimize multivariate video engagements with a simple, universal embed code for an easier, faster, smarter video marketing. No need to hire developers!

Stay In Complete Control

Additionally, Viderian helps maximize ROI while giving you complete control over your video marketing campaigns with additional features such as cue points, analytics and off-page conversion tracking.

If video marketing is part of your marketing funnel, Viderian is the only tool you need to supercharge your engagement. 

#1 Solution For Low Video Engagement & Conversion Rates

Gain complete control over user’s video engagement to effortlessly convert video experiences into sales.  Finally a tool that makes video marketing easy!


First, Create Unique Video Sequences

Take complete control over video sequencing. Import video scenes to your library, then automatically test,  select the best performers, and stitch together the most converting video engagements.


Next, Embed Video Code Into Pages

Use 1 universal code to share unique video sequences across your entire sales funnel. No need to rely on developers or fiddling with any code. Easily collect behavior metrics to create the best video engagement.


Finally, Track & Optimize Engagement

With an embed code in place, track and monitor user behavior. Based on the results, optimize videos to select the best converting scenes. Further maximize user experience by adding cue points to execute actions on an object.

The Viderian Difference

A revolutionary way to multivariate test, track and optimize your video engagements. See below how Viderian empowers
over 2,000 marketers to dominate video marketing and convert views into sales.

Scene-Based Multivariate Testing

Do you need to test multiple videos with ease? 

Viderian uses scene-based multivariate analysis to determine the incremental contribution of all video scenes simultaneously.  No more multiple video players, multiple landing pages, disorganized data.

Testing videos has never been easier.

Universal Embed Code

Tired of switching out embed codes?

Viderian uses domain-based embed codes. Want to use a different video on your page? Just change the domain. Player settings such as video size, autoplay, and disabling controls are done through our platform. 

No more fiddling with backend coding or relying on developers.

Advanced Analytics

Do you know exactly what your users are doing when watching your videos?

Gain insight on how long users are watching the videos, and know the exact time they are
converting or leaving. Track conversions and use our event pixel to track their actions.

Additional Features

Cue Points

Customize, trigger and engage your audience by creating unique, on-page branded experiences, and executing an action on an object.

Off-Page Conversion Tracking

Track customer’s activity and engagement throughout the sales funnel. Find out which pages convert the best so you can focus on the user experiences with the highest ROI. 

Video Hosting

Convenience saves time. No need to host your videos on any other platform or worry about storage while testing unlimited, multivariate scenes. We store your videos for you.

Start Testing & Optimizing Your Videos Today! Choose Your Plan  

Free Plan

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Per Month
 The free plan comes with all features
and 20GB of bandwidth per month.



Starter PlanMost Popular

$ 100

Per Month
 The starter plan comes with all features and
200GB of bandwidth per month.



Business Plan

$ 300

Per Month
 The business plan comes with all features and
1TB of bandwidth per month.



Trust Viderian To Optimize Your Videos Easier, Faster & Smarter!

Over 2,000 marketers gain real-time insight to engage their customers at scale, with our patent-pending, drag & drop scene-based, A/B and multivariate testing tool. Check it out! 

Knowledge Is Power 

Increase ROI with the in-depth tracking and analytics tools.  Instantly find out how your videos drive business and increase user engagement. 

Drive Meaningful Actions

Navigate customers through your marketing funnel by creating highly engaging videos that will build trust and keep them entertained.

Optimize To Scale

Viderian’s intuitive and predictive optimization dashboard. Know the impact of changes before making any to your videos.

Optimize Your Videos To Scale!

Engagement Speaks Louder Than Video Views. Rethink Video Testing & Optimization With Viderian